Parole Hearing Information 

Typically offenders will become parole eligible after serving two-thirds of their full minimum sentence. Offenders will be scheduled approximately one and one-quarter year prior to their earliest parole eligibility date. The month of the hearing will be based on the facility where the offender is housed.  Once the offender's hearing quarter is established, it will remain the same for the remainder of the sentence.  

Parole hearings are held in-person, by telephone, or by video conference. 

Letters of support and confirmation of employment offers for offenders may be sent to the board mailing address or via email. Please note that in order for letters of support to be included in the parole hearing material, they need to be received by our office at least 2 weeks prior to the hearing. Additionally, unsigned letters may not be included. 

Please note: Our office cannot provide details regarding offenders or hearings to anyone other than certified victims- this includes friends and family members.


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