Board Policy and Procedure

The Board of Parole has updated its Policies and Procedures. They are effective on January 1, 2023 and can be found below.

If you have a question about a specific policy, please call the office.

Board Policy and Procedure (Rev. 2018)

The Wyoming Board of Parole’s Policy and Procedure Manual sets forth the process for carrying out the various functions of the Board.

2023 Policy and Procedure - Board of Parole (1).pdf

*New Policy*

Letters of Support and Other Documents Submitted on Behalf of Inmates

The Board office submits hearing folders to the respective Board Panel two weeks before the scheduled hearings. All support letters or other documents relating to the inmate must be received by the Board staff one month before the scheduled hearings. If timely submitted, the documents will be included in the hearing folders that the Board Panel reviews. If not timely submitted, the documents will not be forwarded to the Board Panel.

Amendment To Inmate and Parole Good Time Chapter


Board Handbook

The Wyoming Board of Parole’s Handbook is intended to assist the Board Members perform their functions as the parole releasing authority for inmates. The Handbook also serves as a resource for victims, offenders, and the public in offering additional information about Board decision making.

The handbook is not currently available online, please contact the office if you would like a copy.