Institution and Parole Program Options

The Wyoming Department of Corrections is the agency responsible for maintaining and supervising the institutions and programs. Programs may change based on funding availability and needs of offenders. For the most recent and up-to-date information, you can visit the DOC website here

Adult Community Corrections (ACC)

Offenders may be paroled to an ACC prior to going out to the streets on their own. This action is taken in an effort to help reintegrate the offender into society. There are three ACC’s located in the state of Wyoming: Casper Reentry Center in Casper, Volunteers of America in Gillette, and Cheyenne Transitional Center in Cheyenne. These centers focus on altering addictive and criminal behaviors in order to assist the offender in leading a productive, crime-free existence in society. Parolees in the ACC programs are required to obtain full-time employment in the community while residing at the facility. Additionally, an offender can be paroled upon completion of the ACC program, in which the offender is transferred to an ACC as an inmate, not to be granted parole until he/she successfully completes the program. Program completion is typically anywhere from three to six months (or longer) depending on the progress the caseworker feels the inmate is making.

Intensive Supervision Program (ISP)

Paroling to ISP – The ISP program allows for enhanced supervision of parolees if the Board members feel it is necessary in a particular case. The enhancements can consist of additional drug and alcohol testing, unannounced visits to the parolee’s home or place of employment, utilizing supervision with electronic devices, and detention in county jails or placement in ACCs. Additionally, the Board may require a parolee to provide community service, follow through with restitution, make employment compulsory, and initiate curfews.

Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU)

Parole upon completion of ITU – The ITU program is designed specifically for inmates who struggle with substance abuse issues. The ITU program is only offered at some locations and is run separately from the general inmate population.

Parolee Residential Treatment Program (PRTP)

The PRTP model is based on models used by Therapeutic Community and Intensive Treatment Unit programs. PRTP primarily intended for parolees who lapse, in lieu of revocation. It is a residential program for males only which helps to overcome their struggles with substance abuse addiction. Many classes are offered to help the offender learn how to live a drug-free and crime-free lifestyle.