Board & Staff Information 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Board is to conduct prompt, fair, impartial hearings on the matters brought before it and take appropriate action. Consideration will be given to public safety, victims, and the rehabilitation and control of the offender.


The Wyoming Constitution, ratified in 1889, established the Board of Charities and Reform. This Board consisted of the top five elected officials and exercised broad authority over the state’s charitable, medical, and correctional facilities. It also had authority for early release of inmates within the correctional facilities.

In 1947, the legislature created the Board of Pardons. Like the Board of Charities and Reform, this Board again consisted of the top five elected officials, with release authority for inmates.

The Board of Parole was legislatively created in 1971, and initially consisted of three members who were appointed by the Governor. The Board of Parole received its funding and administrative support through the Department of Probation and Parole. Over time, membership for the Board of Parole eventually increased to seven.

Under State Government Reorganization, in 1991 the Department of Probation and Parole was absorbed into the newly created Department of Corrections, and administrative duties for the Board were shifted to that agency.

In 2003, the Board of Parole obtained legislation which established it as a separate operating agency with is own office, budget, staff, and an executive director. This step was taken to assure independent authority in carrying out its mission.