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Important Things to Know

Important Things to Know about the WY Board of Parole

  1. Most parole information is not available to the public. Information can be released to registered victims or criminal justice agencies.
  2. Offenders may become parole eligible after serving 2/3 of their minimum sentence.  Offenders serving life sentences are not granted hearings unless they submit a commutation petition.
  3. Most inmates do not have parole hearings until they are within 6 months of eligibility. Variations do occur. 
  4. When granted a parole, the offender does not leave prison right away. They have to reach their eligibility date and have their parole plan accepted before that happens, which means victims have time to ask questions and plan for safety.
  5. Parolees are supervised by the WY Department of Corrections. Typical conditions of parole include: compliance with laws, reporting to agent, no alcohol and/or drugs, urinalysis, breath testing, treatment programs, payment of restitution, and special conditions for sex offenders. Victims can request a no contact condition. 
  6. Offenders earn good time as an inmate and a parolee. It is automatically given to all offenders, but they can lose it if violations occur.
  7. Discharge from parole occurs upon completion of the maximum sentence as reduced by good time credits.
  8. This can be a confusing process so do not hesitate to the Victim Services Office for questions, information, and referrals.